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Top sprinkler systems for eco-friendly farming in Dallas

In September 7, 2015

Advice on drip irrigation sprinkler systems: in Dallas, eco-friendly farming methods are essential for those who want to ensure that their crops are sufficiently irrigated without wasting water and suffering a high water consumption bill. Just how eco-friendly your family methods are will depend greatly on the irrigation or sprinkler system you use. One of the best systems to use for eco-friendly farming is the drip irrigation system.
Why are drip irrigation systems eco friendly?

  • Water is delivered directly to the root system of the plant so none of it is wasted on areas that don’t require water or evaporate.
  • You can save between 30% and 50% on water consumption which boosts your environmental responsibility image and cuts back on the farm’s utility costs.

Those who make use of a drip irrigation system will also benefit from better weed growth control between crops, as those parts of the land will not receive sufficient water to support such growth.

Of course you cannot expect your drip irrigation systems to do all the work for you. A farm is only truly eco-friendly if the correct research has been done and the system is installed and set up to work optimally. A farmer must be familiar with and put research into the following:

  • Crop water requirement.
  • Water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Maximum soil precipitation rate.
  • Irrigation system application rates and uniformities.

These details should be placed in an irrigation schedule to ensure just the right amount of water is delivered to the crops and not one drop is wasted.
Below are some tips to getting the most out of your drip irrigation sprinkler system:

  • Make sure you don’t apply water too fast or for too long. The soils ability to accept water and the sprinkler systems application rate must be properly matched.
  • Ensure you update your irrigation schedule/calendar according to the various changes in weather and stages of crop growth to ensure there is never too much or too little water being provided.
  • Have the irrigation system installed by a professional who knows precisely how the system works and how to get the most out of it.

Get the Best Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

At Precision Irrigation Systems in Dallas, we know just how important it is to ensure your irrigation systems and farming methods are eco-friendly. We present the market with top quality irrigation and sprinkler systems and will ensure that the entire system is professionally and efficiently installed for optimal use.

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