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How to tell if your sprinkler irrigation system is leaking – and who to call for repairs

Water is a scarce resource and our water supply is becoming increasingly taxed. Dallas, Texas, is prone to drought, making it vital to check our water consumption and reduce it where we can. Taking action to use water more wisely will not only help save the environment, but will also reduce your water bills each month.

Approximately 40% to 60% of a home’s water consumption is used outdoors, which is why it pays to make sure your irrigation system isn’t leaking. Here are a few things you can do:

Discovering Sprinkler and Irrigation System Leaks

  • Check your timer to see when and where water is being used. If you check the timer and know how many sprinklers are being used, then an irrigation specialist will be able to determine whether you are over-watering your garden.
  • Observe your lawn for wet and soggy spots. This could indicate there is a water leak near the soggy patch of lawn.
  • Inspect the above ground sprinkler parts. These parts are prone to damage from lawn mowers, animals or people tripping over the sprinklers. Damaged or clogged sprinkler nozzles could lead to a leak in your system.
  • An efficient sprinkler irrigation system should water your entire garden evenly, without you needing to hand water any parts. If this is not the case and you start to notice dry or under-watered patches, it’s time to call an expert because it could be leaking somewhere.
  • Check your water bill, as a higher than normal water bill can indicate your system is leaking somewhere. Make sure to check other water sources for leaks before blaming your sprinkler system. Example sources being your shower, toilets, washing machine or other faucets.

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