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Drip or Sprinkler Irrigation System? How to choose the right irrigation system for your new garden

Different lawns and gardens in Dallas require  different sprinkler irrigation systems. What works for your neighbors might not necessarily work for your own home or commercial business. If you’re struggling to decide between a sprinkler irrigation system or a drip irrigation system, then read a quick overview of each irrigation system to determine the best one for you:

Drip irrigation systems

Different plants require different amounts of water. If your garden has different areas which need to be watered with specific amounts of water, then a drip irrigation system will work perfectly for you. Another advantage of this type of system is that less water is wasted on runoff or evaporation due to the fact that the irrigation lines deliver water to the plants slowly.

One instance where this irrigation system won’t be ideal is if you have large patches of lawn. The reason for this is that drip irrigation systems are designed to deliver concentrated amounts of water to the roots of your plants and you would need very long lines to water large patches of lawn.

Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation systems are designed to water large areas. With these systems, the lines and sprinklers are buried underneath the lawn so they’re not in the way when you need to use gardening equipment such as lawn mowers. Beware of over-watering with this system as this could lead to fungi growth on your plants.

Your best bet is to speak to experienced irrigation specialists who do both drip and irrigation system installations and repairs; they will help you determine what is best for your garden.

Need advice about installing a drip system or sprinkler irrigation system in your garden? Contact the pros at Precision Irrigation today.

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