French Drain Installations

French drain installations have become one of the most popular irrigation installation services among both residential and commercial property owners. While every garden and property needs water, standing water can destroy both your lawn and the foundation of your property, causing wood rot, mold, an unstable foundation, and more hazardous situations. Precision Irrigation Systems, leading drainage specialists in Dallas TX, can help you discover and improve your drainage system issues.

French drain Dallas Texas

A French drain diagram.

If water drainage problems are found, our professional drainage experts with over 25 years licensed experience will install a beautifully designed and effective lawn drainage system for your landscape or building foundation. Often times, we recommend a custom Dallas French drain installation, especially for residential drainage issues. Often times, French drain systems for large commercial foundations are recommended as well.

Originating in Addison, TX, our irrigation systems company offers leading irrigation and drainage solutions for both residential and commercial property owners in the Dallas area. For drainage questions or inquiries, we can be reached at (469) 534-1100.

What is a French Drain?

A French drain is a trench drainage system carefully filled with gravel or rock and perforated piping. French drains are popular and recommended lawn drainage systems, especially for residential properties, because the French drain pipes eliminate undesirable, free-standing water, distributing or redirecting ground and surface water to a well-established drain-off area.

Benefits of Installing a Custom French Drain:

  • High quality & very cost-effective.
  • Superior water drainage performance.
  • Relieve ground water pressure.
  • Protect landscape & building foundations.
  • Custom designed French drain system.
  • Installed carefully based on your property.
  • Easy to disguise after system installation.

The gradient of your lawn or property, coupled with shaded areas as well as the pre-existing design of your property’s irrigation or drainage system, can lead to standing water accumulating in specific property areas. A well-designed, custom French drain system will ensure that this excess water isn’t left standing to ruin your lawn, residential or commercial foundation, garden or plants. Once installed properly, people on and visiting your property will avoid safety hazards and water damage.

Custom French Drain Installations

Here’s why you should contact Precision Irrigation Systems in Dallas, TX to design & install a residential or commercial French drain system for you:

  • 25+ Years Experience:
    We’ve been in the irrigation industry for over 25 years and we understand that everything, from the type of soil and structure of your property, to the gradient of your lawn, needs to be taken into consideration before and during French drain installation. We’re the go-to Dallas drainage experts for top-performing drainage solutions, so you can rely on us to get the job done properly the first time around.
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    Check out our over 80 positive, verified reviews on HomeAdvisor. We will make sure you’re absolutely satisfied with your new French drain system, with your landscape looking great and your property well-protected.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Solutions:
    Nobody wants to be left with an uprooted garden or unsightly pipes and heaps of ground or gravel after a custom drain installation. We will preserve the beauty of your landscape when installing your French drain system.

Let’s Fix Your Drainage Problem

For more information on our custom Dallas French drain installations, contact us today by form or by phone at (469) 534-1100 for a free service quote. Be it residential or commercial, we look forward to improving your property!

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