Get that broken sprinkler system repaired and back to work

A professional lawn sprinkler and irrigation company in Dallas will advise you to familiarize yourself with your irrigation system and its pattern so that you can quickly recognize problems. It’s important that your sprinkler system doesn’t spring an unnoticed leak, especially as water is already in such short supply in Dallas and the rest of the world.

A properly designed, installed and working irrigation system will eliminate the need for you to manually water your garden, landscape or crops, this minimizing the risk of wastage. It does this by watering the garden in a uniform way, delivering water in the desired amount and at the right times. If your irrigation system is strategically designed and installed, it can help you to cut back on water consumption (and as a result, the costs thereof too), provide you with the convenience of automated watering and also eliminate the potential for weed growth opportunities as only the desired areas of the garden are irrigated.

When a Dallas sprinkler system or irrigation system breaks, it can present a major inconvenience to our lives – not to mention a costly one. Ongoing preventative maintenance is always advised. Leaks, of course, are the biggest culprits. If you overlook or ignore leaks, they can affect the health of your lawn/plants, cause structural damage to nearby buildings and also cause your utilities bill to rise.

Below are a few telltale signs that your sprinkler system has a leak or is in need of commercial sprinkler repair in Dallas:

  • Your lawn or landscape has wet, soggy or boggy areas that don’t drain or dry up. Of course you should check to see that your surface is draining correctly before you decide it’s a leak though.
  • Water pressure is low in certain areas of the sprinkler system when it is on. This is noticed by water overlaps not quite making it like they should. This could mean a blocked nozzle or damage to the actual piping.
  • Areas of the lawn are dry or dying. This is a sign the water isn’t making it to that part of the lawn. There could be a break in the system, but this is usually a sign of a blockage.
  • Your water bill is higher than normal. This most certainly indicates a leak or damage to one of the nozzles dispensing water.

Precision Irrigation provides professional irrigation system installations and services in Dallas

At Precision Irrigation Systems in Dallas, we are dedicated to providing our clients with affordable sprinkler systems. Whether your system is old or new, we provide repairs for commercial projects, and will ensure the leak or damage is located and quickly repaired. We can also advise you on ongoing maintenance techniques to ensure your sprinkler system remains in the best possible condition for longer.

Want to learn more about sprinkler systems? Contact us at Precision Irrigation Systems in Dallas today! Chat with one of our professionals via email or telephone for a free estimate.

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