Tips and advice from a leading irrigation company in Dallas: if you want to transform your Dallas garden into a luscious and bright area that can be enjoyed by the whole family, you’re going to need to get started with some plant and lawn care and some watering. Watering or irrigation can be a sore point for many property owners who just can’t seem to get it right, but we have included some watering tips below to ensure your garden peps up and starts thriving in the shortest possible space of time:

  • Less is more. This might sound strange in terms of irrigation, but it’s absolutely true. If you want your garden to thrive, you can’t bombard your lawn and flower beds on an infrequent basis. You need to provide a steady supply of water on a very regular basis. This is why automatic irrigation or sprinkler systems are so popular. You can set the system up to provide just the right amount of water to essential areas of the garden.
  • Timing is everything. You need to time your watering or irrigation just right. Water your plants in the very early morning or evening, especially on hot days. This allows your plants more time to get the water they need without evaporation stealing it. Modern sprinkler systems and irrigation systems can actually be set to a timer to ensure plants get the water they need at a prime time.
  • Save water – save weeding. It can be tempting to cut corners and simply blast the whole garden with water, but then you’re also watering the pathways and empty areas and you know what that means, weed growth plus, of course, a waste of water. By only watering areas where your plants are, you can deter weed growth and reduce your water consumption and the bill that’s attached to it.
  • Drain it. Waterlogged gardens don’t have a good time. In fact, a waterlogged garden suffers from suppressed breathing air and can start to die off. If you have a sprinkler system or irrigation system installed, ask your irrigation company in Dallas to install a simple drainage system. You won’t regret it.

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