Dallas SprinklersIf you’re considering investing in sprinklers in Dallas, Texas, Precision Irrigation Systems is here to help you and your landscape’s beauty and health.

High Quality Dallas Sprinklers

When investing in the installation or repair of a sprinkler system, your best bet is to have it professionally installed. Our Experienced landscapers will come to your property and plan the initial layout based on your current (and potential future) requirements. Precision Irrigation Systems can give you a cost-effective, efficient, and long-term landscape irrigation solution.

Difference Between Spray Sprinklers & Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation, which is very common in localized irrigation systems, consists of a network of pipes and valves that facilitate dripping water to the root of the plant zone. Sprinkler systems consist of pipes and spray nozzles and are ideal for watering large areas of lawn or landscape.

Benefits of an Automatic Sprinkler System

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Convenient
  • Affordable

Why Choose Us for Your Dallas Sprinkler System?

Our team specializes in everything from residential sprinkler systems in Dallas to commercial and industrial sprinkler solutions. We have years of experience in the industry and can guide you through the entire process of choosing, installing, and optimizing a sprinkler system that meets your needs.

FAQs About Sprinklers:
What is a rain sensor? Do I need one?
A rain sensor ensures that your sprinkler system doesn’t come on if it rains. Rain sensors are a worthwhile investment because they are affordable and will help you save water.

Will automatic sprinklers use more water than I am currently using?
Automatic sprinklers, when installed and optimized by experienced professionals, will not use more water than necessary. Most of the time, people are able to reduce their water consumption when they invest in automatic sprinklers.

What time of day should I water my garden?
This will depend on where you live and the types of plants in your garden. The rule of thumb is that it is best to water your garden when it is early evening but speak to a professional before following this general consensus.

How frequently should I water my garden?
How frequently you water your garden will also depend on the individual needs of your plants and landscape. An experienced sprinkler system installer can set up your sprinklers so that each area receives the right amount of water at a scheduled time.

The Sprinklers starts watering at indefinite and unwanted times.  What could the problem be?
It is possible that your automation device, timer or clock needs to be reset.

What is a backflow device, and why do I need one for my sprinklers in Dallas?
Backflow is a hydraulic issue that occurs in sprinkler systems. A backflow device can detect and prevent leaks in your system.

For more information on keeping your grass looking great with a new Dallas sprinkler system for your lawn, contact Precision Irrigation Systems today by form or by phone at (469) 534-1100 for a free quote.


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