Dallas sprinkler systemsNeed a new lawn sprinkler system? Leading Dallas irrigation company Precision Irrigation Systems is the go-to sprinkler system installation company. Other sprinkler services include commercial sprinkler repair and general lawn irrigation solutions in northern Texas. Our licensed irrigation professionals have acquired over 25 years experience designing and installing sprinkler systems in and around Dallas, TX. Here’s some more information that may help you out in regards to Dallas sprinkler systems and the different types of irrigation systems available.

Types of Lawn Sprinkler Systems

There is a wide variety of lawn sprinkler systems available on the market. Here are some of the most common lawn sprinkler systems:

  • Drip irrigation systems: This system ensures that water reaches the root of plants. Highly effective at reducing a property’s water consumption.
  • Spray irrigation systems: The spray heads of spray irrigation systems ensure that water is sprayed in a full circle over flat surfaces.
  • Rotor systems: These systems are ideal for covering large areas but they tend to lose water due to evaporation. The two main types of rotor systems are impact- and steam-rotor systems.

Sub-surface Drip Irrigation Vs Sprinkler Systems for Lawns

A sub-surface drip irrigation system applies water to a plant’s root zone. This type of irrigation system is unaffected by wind and evaporation. On the other hand, sprinkler irrigation systems can lead to increased water evaporation and water loss if weather conditions are too windy or extreme. The type of irrigation system that will work best for your property will depend on your landscape requirements, plants, and the location of your property. If you’re looking for irrigation advice regarding this type of situation, give our irrigation experts a call!

In-ground Lawn Watering System

An in-ground lawn water system consists of a network of underground tubing optimized to deliver water to designated irrigation areas. With this type of watering system, the garden is sectioned into different zones and the various sections are watered at different times in order to optimize the water pressure.

Dallas Sprinkler Systems & Maintenance

While we offer both residential and commercially installed irrigation and sprinkler systems, we also provide a variety of commercial lawn sprinklers in Dallas for larger irrigation systems. Whether you need someone to replace missing nozzles, repair pipe leaks, and unclog sprinkler heads, or you need a professional team to address sprinkler system design issues, we can help.

Why Is It Important to Winterize My Lawn Sprinkler System?

When frost levels drop below the level of the pipes in your lawn sprinkler system, it can cause damage to your sprinkler system. Hire a professional to turn off the water to the irrigation system, release pressure in the pipes, and drain all the water out of any irrigation components that might freeze. This sprinkler winterization process will prevent sprinkler damage and you’ll avoid unnecessary damage, monetary costs, and headaches!

Are There Any Special Procedures for Turning the Lawn Sprinklers On in Spring?

Preparing your sprinkler system for spring is just as important as winterizing your irrigation system. Your system should be flushed out before you start using it. In winter, bugs and pests may nest in your pipes and valves, which is why these need to be flushed out before you start using your system in the warmer months.

Professional Dallas Sprinkler System Installation

Precision Irrigation Systems has over 25 years of professional experience in planning, designing, installing, optimizing, repairing, and maintaining Dallas sprinkler systems. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our Dallas lawn sprinkler systems. We offer free quotes to those interested in installing a new sprinkler system. You can reach us by form or phone at (469) 534-1100.


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