Sprinkler Repair DallasNeed commercial sprinkler repair in Dallas, Texas? Precision Irrigation Systems is here to help. We know that few things are as irritating as a lawn sprinkler system that isn’t working. Not only can this wreak havoc on your landscape, but it can lead to water wastage if your sprinkler isn’t spraying water in the way that it was designed to do.

We specialize in commercial sprinkler repair, as well as industrial and residential sprinkler system installations in Texas. No job is too big or too small for our sprinkler system team. Whether you need a new residential sprinkler system or a complete, professional assessment of your sprinkler irrigation system on your commercial golf course, we can take care of the job quickly and effectively.

Not only is our team of Dallas commercial sprinkler repair & installation experts highly experienced, we’re also licensed. As a one-stop sprinkler solution provider, we take a holistic approach to making sure that we provide you with the highest quality sprinkler system solution that addresses each and every need in regards to your landscape or property. Precision Irrigation Systems provides highly effective sprinkler system installations in Texas for both residential and commercial landscape owners.

Commercial Sprinkler Repair Services

Our comprehensive list of Dallas sprinkler repair services includes the following:

  • Repair and/or replace sprinkler timers and clocks.
  • Repair and/or replace broken sprinkler heads.
  • Repair broken sprinkler pipes and/or fittings.
  • Install, repair and/or replace automatic rain freeze sensors.
  • Check your sprinkler system for coverage and operation issues at all the heads and sprinkler zones.
  • Diagnosis and repair of low-pressure problems.
  • Detect and repair cut sprinkler wires.
  • Locate, repair and/or replace sprinkler valves.
  • Winterize the system.
  • System setup for Spring.

Sprinkler Repair in Dallas

Many people don’t realize that they need to take particular care in preparing their sprinkler systems for each season. One of the services we offer, namely ‘winterizing’ your Dallas lawn sprinkler system, refers to the ritual of irrigation ‘blow out’ that is essential before winter. In many regions of Dallas, the frost level drops below the depth of the installed sprinkler system piping, which makes it important to drain some of the water out of the system before winter. We can take care of this repair service and other related sprinkler repair solutions for commercial landscape owners.

Ready to repair your commercial sprinkler system in Dallas? Let’s get your landscape healthy and looking beautiful again! Contact Precision Irrigation Systems by form or phone for more information and a free quote.


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