Sprinkler Dallas

Looking for a new sprinkler for your landscape in Dallas? Precision Irrigation Systems is the go-to Dallas sprinkler company for affordable, professional sprinkler installations.

We install high quality residential and commercial sprinkler systems using the most reliable sprinklers on the market.

Lawn Sprinkler Company in Dallas

We make sure your new sprinkler system is installed properly and designed for the nuances of your landscape. Our sprinkler installers have over 25 years of professional, licensed installation experience.

Our sprinkler company can install various types of sprinklers for you, depending on your irrigation needs.

Examples of different types of sprinklers:

  • Automated Sprinkler
  • Timed Sprinkler
  • Adjustable Sprinkler
  • Fixed Sprinkler
  • Rotary Sprinkler
  • Shrub Sprinkler

Sprinkler Brands We Use for Installs

At Precision Irrigation Systems, our team makes use of the best sprinkler brands in the business. Below are 3 of the top brands we use during designing and installation of sprinkler systems.

Popular brands for sprinkler supplies:

  1. Hunter: A full line of sprinkler and irrigation products including sprinkler rotors, rotators, nozzles, spray bodies, controllers, sensors, remotes, valves, and related accessories.
  2. Rain Bird: Another full line of irrigation and sprinkler products including controllers, sensors, rotary sprinklers, spray heads, valves, filters, tubing, and more.
  3. Weathermatic: Sprinkler and irrigation supplies including controllers, rotors, sensors, sprays, valves, and related repair parts.

Professional Sprinkler Design

Our experts make sure new sprinklers are installed with the design of the overall system in mind. As a result, you get a sprinkler system that’s carefully installed to distribute water efficiently across your landscape or garden for the long-term.

During the installation of a new sprinkler system, we consider:

  • Irrigation patterns and flow rates based on sprinkler type and your irrigation needs.
  • Avoiding spray of nearby trees, concrete, and other landscape elements.
  • Positioning of individual sprinklers within the irrigation system
  • Drip irrigation solutions for unconventional, hard-to-reach irrigating.
  • And more!

Top Rated Dallas Sprinkler Company

Over the last 25 years, our sprinkler company has has amassed a large number of satisfied Dallas customer reviews. This includes 95 verified ratings (4.81 avg. rating) on HomeAdvisor and 20 reviews (4.8 avg. rating) on Google. So you can be sure you’re choosing a leading provider of sprinklers in Dallas.

Interested in having Precision Irrigation Systems design and install a new sprinkler system for your landscape or garden? Whether for a residential or commercial property, we’ve got you covered!

Free Estimate for New Sprinkler Systems

Give us a call or send us a contact form message regarding the type of sprinkler system you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with a free estimate.


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