Dallas Lawn DrainageDoes your Dallas lawn or landscape look more like a marshland than a garden?

Do you hear a familiar squelch every time you step onto your lawn?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then you probably require a quality lawn drainage solution. Leading Dallas drainage contractor Precision Irrigation Systems has the answer!

A state-of-the-art Dallas lawn drainage system installed by our professional drainage team will return your lawn back to its immaculate former glory, while providing automated and impressive water efficiency!

Lawn Drainage Experts in Dallas

At Precision Irrigation Systems, we consider ourselves the leading Dallas lawn drainage experts, with over 25 years experience in the field of lawn draining. We inspect, design, and install the highest quality lawn drainage systems in Dallas at a very reasonable price. Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, we provide custom lawn drain installation services are tailored to your landscape requirements.

Lawn is somewhat temperamental, requiring just the right amount of water, for exactly the right amount of time, in order to look its best. Our drainage systems are perfectly designed and installed to counteract this drainage problem, ensuring that water doesn’t drain out too quickly or stagnate. We implement fully functional drainage correction solutions, including the design and installation of French drains in Dallas for a variety of landscape settings. These settings include gardens, farms, parks, yards, and around building foundations. Our lawn drainage systems not only save you precious water, they save you money too, while improving the value of your property.

Factors Affecting Lawn Drainage in Dallas 

  • The type of soil in your garden greatly affects the manner in which water drains. Soil that is high in clay usually has inadequate drainage. Precision Irrigation Systems determines the type of soil you have and complements it with a suitable lawn drainage solution.
  • The position of landscape lawn sprinklers.
  • The type of plants you have in your garden; some plants offer the perfect drainage solution when it comes to swampy lawns.
  • The position of your home or business. Buildings built at the bottom of a slope will be affected by excess water.

Expert Advice About Dallas Lawn Drainage Systems

Precision Irrigation Systems is a leading irrigations systems company and drainage contractor offering top-quality lawn drainage solutions for clients across Dallas and northern Texas. With over 25 years of professional, licensed experience, Precision Irrigation Systems services both commercial and residential customers, offering a wide range of landscape services to meet your irrigation & drainage system requirements.

In need of a new lawn drainage system around Dallas? For more information about our lawn drainage system solutions in Dallas, contact us by form or by phone at (469) 534-1100 today to receive a free estimate.


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