Outdoor Lighting in Dallas

Outdoor Lighting in Dallas

Looking for a Dallas landscape lighting company? We’ve got you covered! Our landscape lighting team provides high quality LED lighting systems. Our expert lighting designers make sure your outdoor landscape is secure, safe and beautiful during the day and night.

Taking your landscape, current lighting situation, and requests into account, we optimize your landscape’s lighting carefully and effectively. Our outdoor lighting designs transform your landscape into a beautifully lit outdoor paradise.

Safe and Beautiful Landscape Lighting Solutions

Our landscape lighting company has a few ways to make sure your outdoor property is more safe, secure, and beautiful from dusk to dawn. We use long-lasting and low-powered landscape lighting products that power wonderfully bright lighting while reducing electricity costs and electrical risks. The overall lighting effect will have your landscape standing out beautifully in your neighborhood.

Our lighting experts can install any landscape lighting design quickly. When a lighting project is finished, we make sure the lighting system is economical and easy to operate for you. Our lighting designs are also very flexible. For example, our lighting team has installed spotlights to highlight smaller areas and floodlights to cover larger areas. You will discover many different types and styles of light fixtures that can beneficially light up your landscape. You’ll be amazed at the number of lighting options available.

Landscape Lighting Design Options to Consider:

  • Entrance lights that illuminate walkways and driveways
  • Lit pathways that softly accent the route to follow to your front door
  • Downlights to highlight trees, bushes, shrubs and statues
  • Neatly hidden well lights highlighting architectural features of your home or building

Landscape Lighting for Your Dallas Property

Here’s a good way to test where your Dallas landscape lighting system should go. With the help of a friend, use a flashlight with both a floodlight and a spotlight option and shine it on the areas where you think you want to install your outdoor landscape lights. This will give you an idea of what type of landscape lighting looks best in each property location, which angle enhances the area, and whether a certain type of landscape light would intrude on your neighbors’ property.

When you partner with us, our outdoor landscape lighting professionals will help you choose the best low-powered outdoor Dallas lighting system for your landscape. First, we will formalize a lighting design plan and create a bird’s eye view of your landscape. The outdoor lighting design plan includes your landscape’s key features such as the trees, walls, driveway and walkways. Then, we will plot the optimal landscape locations for the light fixtures. Next, we decide which types of outdoor lights work best for lighting up your outdoor landscape setting.

Your Landscape Lighting Company in Dallas

We offer a number of energy efficient outdoor landscape lighting services in Dallas. To find out more about how we can help you design and create a beautifully lit landscape with optimal landscape lighting design, contact us today by form or by phone at (469) 534-1100 for a free estimate.


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