Properly installed French drains are a cost-effective Dallas drainage solution. Especially for draining your water-logged landscape in Dallas, Texas. Our professional French drain company can help! Many property owners do their best to conserve water. However, many landscapes still suffer from excess standing water due faulty drainage systems that can cause long-term foundation problems.

Avoid Standing Water Damage to Your Home or Business

french drain dallas fort worth drainage installation solutionsSome landscapes foundations aren’t designed to cope with excess standing water. Standing water can be very damaging to your lawn, plants, building foundation, landscape health, and property value.

Often, the best solution to avoid water foundation problems is a carefully installed Dallas French drain system from the right yard drainage contractor.

A professional drainage system from our experienced French drain installers will optimally carry water away from your foundation to safe drainage zones.

How Can Water and Your Landscape Cause Drainage Issues?

Without a professional French drain solution installed, excessive water and other landscape factors can negatively affect your business or home foundation:

  • Nearby yard water run off
  • Concrete water run off
  • Changes in landscape elevation
  • Standing water pooled around foundation
  • Excessive downspout water
  • Excessive irrigation or sprinkler system water
  • Poor landscape and soil conditions

What Can Happen to Your Home or Business Foundation?

Over time, some of the drainage issues listed above can cause damage to your landscape and foundation that’s very expensive to repair. We can install a French drain system in Dallas for you and save your foundation from:

  • The forming of mold and mildew caused from standing water. Resulting mold can cause an array of health factors for you, your family or employees.
  • Cracks in your foundation due to water pressure against soil and your foundation itself.
  • Further interior damage resulting from foundational damage that can leave the appearance and function of your home or business in shambles.
  • Causing water related damage to nearby homes or businesses long-term.

French Drain Installations in Dallas

At Precision Irrigation Systems, we’ve been designing & implementing Dallas French drain installations for over 25 years. We are regarded as the expert French drain installers in Dallas. Before installing a new French drainage system we consider several critical installation factors. We consider the type of soil in your landscape, the gradient of your lawn, and the structure & design of your property. These drainage factors need to be carefully addressed. This is in order to create an optimally irrigated and drained landscape environment. The result is an attractive, healthier landscape that also boosts the value of your property.

Installing a French drain on your property is recommended if:

  • Your landscape is very flat or wide-ranging in elevation.
  • You notice a surface-water issue causing pooled water to your lawn or concrete.
  • Water pools around or leaks into your building foundation and basement.
  • You notice cracks or shifts in your home or business foundation.
  • You detect mold or the smell of mildew in or around your foundation.

How Installing a French Drain System Works

Our expert drain contracting team makes sure to install your French drain optimally. First, we survey your landscape and foundation situation, including problematic water locations. Then, the route of the upcoming French drain system is mapped out to best drain future water from your yard.

A French drain uses perforated piping installed within a ditch or trench filled with gravel or rocks. This type of Dallas drainage solution is a very effective yard drainage system for water to flow through. Excessive water flows through this system and is distributed to a designated dry area. Drainage areas may include a street, drainage ditch, or a dry well.

Along with solving water drainage problems, a major cosmetic benefit to installing a French drain is its lack of visibility. They’re easy to disguise. French drainage systems solve water saturation problems without ruining the look of your lawn and landscape.

We’re Here for Your Drainage Solution

Precision Irrigation Systems prides itself on superior drainage services and attention to landscape detail. Our Dallas drainage specialists offer economical solutions to any irrigation problem. Drain services are provided for both residential and commercial property owners. Also, we make sure the beauty of your landscape is preserved. Any related property requirements you may have are also taken into account.

Need a french drain near Dallas? Send us a message! We provide expert drain installations for a number of North Texas locations.

When You Choose Us to Install Your French Drain System You Get:

  • Over 25 years of expert drain installation experience.
  • More than 92+ positive customer reviews on Google & HomeAdvisor.
  • An A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Installed carefully and optimally for your landscape and foundation.
  • A written 3 year guarantee against material & drain installation defects.
  • A free estimate and honest pricing for all drain installation inquiries.

Contact us for French drains in Dallas, lawn drain installations, and other irrigation system inquiries. We’d be happy to help solve drainage problems in your yard. You can contact us by form through our contact us page or give us a call at (469) 534-1100 for a free estimate.


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