Professionally installed Dallas drip irrigationDallas Drip Irrigation systems are the ultimate irrigation solution to inconvenient water restrictions in Dallas! Water restrictions are all part of the norm in Dallas. If you have a garden, landscape or crops in Dallas, chances are that you’re familiar with the limits on watering amounts and the restricted hours of watering too. Not adhering to the city water restrictions can result in hefty fines. The water conservation ordinance in Dallas states that watering can only be done twice per week and during recommended times (at times when evaporation is at its lowest rate).

While watering restrictions have posed challenges and difficulties for garden, landscape and crop managers, there is some good news. Drip irrigation systems are actually exempt from the Dallas city water restrictions as they are up to 97% efficient when correctly designed and installed by authorized irrigation suppliers. You can convert your existing sprinkler system to drip lines or have a whole new drip irrigation system designed and installed with your garden’s layout and demands in mind.

Drip irrigation systems in Dallas are considered very efficient as a result of their design. They deliver the required water in precise amounts, directly to the root system of the plant. This means that no water is wasted and your plants get the opportunity to truly flourish as no water is able to go awry or evaporate before it’s absorbed by the root system.

Dallas drip irrigation systems exempt from city water restrictions

If you don’t have a drip irrigation system in Dallas, you will need to abide by the following restrictions and rules:

  • Watering can only occur twice per week.
  • Between April and October, watering may not take place on any day, between 10am and 6pm.
  • Only hand watering or drip irrigation systems are allowed.
  • Rain and freeze sensors must be installed on any automatic watering systems.
  • Ensure that your irrigation system does not waste water on pathways, driveways and on run-offs.

Failure to adhere to these outdoor watering guidelines in Dallas can result in a fine of between $250 and $2000, per reported incident.

Let your garden flourish even during times of water restrictions

At Precision Irrigation we respect the environment and our natural resources. We believe in saving water and even suggest drip irrigation systems to residential and commercial clients residing outside of water restricted areas. As part of our Dallas irrigation services, we will design and set up the ideal drip irrigation system specifically for your garden or landscape. We will test the system to ensure efficiency and functionality and make ourselves promptly available if you require any drip irrigation system repairs and maintenance services in the future.

Want to learn more about our Dallas drip irrigation systems? Interested in having a drip irrigation system installed at your Dallas property? Contact Precision Irrigation Systems via email, form or telephone at (469) 534-1100. Contact us at Precision Irrigation in Dallas today for a free quote!


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