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Dallas, Texas

Are you looking for the best Irrigation System Company in Dallas, TX? Precision Irrigation Systems has been satisfying both residential and commercial customers in Northern Texas for over 25 years!

Our licensed & insured expert irrigation team has provided custom lawn irrigation services in Dallas for city parks, dog parks, retail stores, restaurant chains, office buildings, home owner associations, storage complexes, gated community entrances, corporate headquarters, and miles of green belts.

Why Precision Irrigation Systems as Your Dallas Irrigation Company

Here’s some benefits to choosing us for your next Dallas landscape irrigation system project:

Custom Lawn Irrigation Services
Depending on your landscape requirements, we offer lawn irrigation system installations and drainage services customized to your needs. Also, our licensed professionals make sure your new irrigation or drainage system is as optimized and efficient as possible, for a long-lasting, repair-free landscape solution.

Design & Installation
Our Dallas irrigation system experts analyze your property, design the best system for your needs, and install the system carefully and properly for long-lasting irrigation, drainage, and sprinkler systems. We guarantee our installed landscape systems will be defect-free in both material and installation for a 3 year period.

Customer Satisfaction
Precision Irrigation System has over 25 years of licensed, fully-insured lawn irrigation, drainage, and landscape lighting design experience. We’ve acquired over 92 positive 5 star reviews from happy residential and commercial customers in Dallas and throughout northern Texas. We’re not satisfied until you’re fully satisfied!

Sprinkler Systems, Drainage Solutions, Landscape Lighting

As an irrigation and sprinkler company in Dallas, we offer high quality irrigation, landscape lighting, and lawn sprinkler systems in Dallas. Solutions include automated sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, lawn drainage, French drains, low-powered LED landscape lighting, flood prevention, and more.

Expert Dallas Irrigation Services

  • Drip Irrigation – Watering system for slowly dripping water at a gradual rate directly to soil and plant roots.
  • Irrigation Systems – For supplying land with water by means of custom canals, ditches, or drain pipes.
  • Sprinkler Systems – Lawn sprinkler systems for landscapes and gardens, including automated sprinklers.
  • Sprinkler System Installation – Expert installation of sprinkler systems using leading sprinkler products.
  • Sprinkler Repair – Repairing of large commercial sprinkler systems and related parts.
  • Lawn Drainage – Drainage systems that prevent water puddling and foundation issues.
  • French Drains – Outdoor drainage systems for redirecting surface or ground water to a new location.
  • Landscape Lighting – Design and installation of low-powered LED landscape lighting systems.
  • Flood Prevention – Reliable lawn drainage and sprinkler irrigation systems in Dallas.

Need Irrigation Help?

Interested in one or several of our Dallas lawn irrigation services? Please contact us by form or phone at (469) 534-1100 for more information and a free estimate. We look forward to improving your landscape and property value for the long-term!


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