Lessons learned from unsatisfactory sprinkler system performance

In October 19, 2015

Over the years, unsatisfactory sprinkler system performance has resulted in undesirable and often even costly outcomes / results. An irrigation system or sprinkler that is not properly planned, designed and installed will produce unsatisfactory results and it is through these results that manufacturers and installers have learned how to select the right type of sprinkler system for the job and ensure that it is set up for optimal use.
Below are a few outcomes to expect from a sprinkler system that offers unsatisfactory performance:

  • Mismanaged water consumption which can result in an unnecessarily high utilities bill.
  • Too much water supplied to plants which results in water wastage and often can cause damage to the crop.
  • Incorrect placement of sprinkler system components can end up in water being sent to areas where no plants are growing. This encourages the growth of weeds.
  • Too little water being provided to crops can also result in crop damage and a poor harvest/yield.

These are just a few of the outcomes that have taught farmers and property owners a great deal when it comes to irrigation.

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