What should you do if your lawn is always dry

Now that summer has ended and autumn is beginning, you may notice that long, hot days have taken a toll on the health of your lawn. If you find that your lawn is always dry you may be tempted to try and fix the problem with water, water and more water… but this can often only make the situation worse. True, grass needs water to grow, however overwatering is actually very bad for your lawn. These tips will help you achieve the lush, green yard that you’ve always dreamed of:

Let nature do the work

Generally speaking, water from rain is sufficient to maintain a healthy lawn. You only need to water if the weather has been extremely dry with no rainfall, and you notice that your grass begins to look dull and it loses its springiness (i.e. footprints are visible).

Don’t water too often

Deep, thorough watering a couple of times a week is much better than a light watering every day. Light watering causes grass to grow shallow roots, which will not result in a lush and healthy lawn. Installing a drip irrigation system that only switches on at set times will ensure that your grass receives just the right amount of water – about a quarter inch twice a week.

Use a rain gauge

A rain gauge will help you determine just how much water your garden is getting both from rain as well as your lawn sprinkler system and allow you to adjust your sprinkler settings if the weather has been more wet than dry.

Choose the best time of day

The ideal time to water your lawn is early morning or early evening, as your lawn should have the opportunity to dry naturally while the air is relatively cool. Avoid watering during the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest, as this can burn your lawn. If you are watering during the evening, don’t leave the sprinkler on all night as too much water is not good for your lawn. Using an irrigation system with a timer setting is the perfect way to ensure your lawn receives the correct amount of water it needs at the right time.

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