Is your commercial property getting swamped with rain water? You need a high-efficiency drainage solution

In June 1, 2015

Have you noticed standing water in different areas of commercial property? Is your lawn becoming mushy? If your property is an area prone to heavy rain and storms, you need to solve this problem to prevent from major damage. It might be that you already have a lawn drainage system installed, however it might have been entirely overlooked and designed by a poorly trained person.

At Precision Irrigation Systems, we understand that having a beautiful clean lawn in your commercial property is an important priority. Your lawn needs the right amount of water at the right time to ensure your grass doesn’t drown and so you need to have a highly-efficient drainage system.

With over 25 years experience in designing and installing irrigation systems in residential and commercial properties, Precision Irrigation Systems teams with professionally trained drainage engineers to work out the best and appropriate drainage solutions for our customers. Amongst some of our popular services, we provide the following:

Lawn drainage: Each one of our customers has a different drainage system. We believe every piece of ground is unique and has different needs. Our technical experts will assess the type of soil, plants growing in your land and define the best irrigation path in order to avoid standing water.

French drain: Installing a French drain can be done in one spot or various locations through your land. It is a trench, filled with gravel or rock, containing a perforated pipe, which will be dug fairly deeply in the soil to take the water away from a specific area. The advantage of this drainage system is that is hidden and therefore unnoticed.

Don’t let standing water ruin your land. Contact our team of friendly technical experts today to find out more about our affordable drainage solutions.

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