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How to Install Landscape Lighting In Your Outdoor Spaces

In August 15, 2016

Picture it

Not much beats well-placed landscape lighting to produce a magical enchantment in the evenings. What is more romantic than sipping a cocktail on your patio at night? If it is overcast, or new moon, or you have indulged in one too many of those cocktails, it is comforting to have a well-lit walking path to guide you back inside.

Achieve it

Install landscape lighting to turn your outdoor living spaces into an extension of your living or work space.

  1. Planning phase.  Low voltage landscape lighting is one of the best ways to showcase an outdoor space and enrich the way we experience the outdoors at night. Design a landscape lighting layout which enhances your home and landscape. Your design should work for the particular architecture being illuminated. Your landscape lighting design must also consider climate changes throughout the year.
  2. Safety first. A safe low voltage design and installation ensures proper insulation and cooling by burying the cables at an appropriate depth below the ground. This may involve laying conduit in places like such as garden beds
  3. Analyze the space. Attention should be on the effect not the fitting. You want the right fittings to optimize the viewing angle from both outside and inside the home; while minimizing glare, light pollution, and light spill into your neighbors.
  4. Be flexible. Allow for expansion as trees and shrubs grow and ponds, outdoor kitchens, or decks are added like.
  5. Be energy efficient. Low voltage lighting not only consumes 75% less energy than halogen, but boasts up to a 40,000+ hour life. Reduce wastage with the use of zone controls, timer settings, and photo-sensors.

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