Innovative lighting design ideas for standout corporate spaces

In September 21, 2015

Creative Landscape Lighting Designs

Boost your Dallas business’ image with an innovative landscape lighting design for your outdoor space. How your corporate property is perceived by your clients and potential clients can really make or break your company image. It is essential to hire trained outdoor lighting designers to ensure that the best features of your outdoor space are highlighted effectively.

Ensure your business premises looks the best it can with these lighting design ideas from the professionals in the landscape lighting business:
Lighting strategies

The type of lighting and placement of lighting will affect the appearance of your outdoor space at night. Below are some lighting types and strategies to consider:

  • Down lighting – place these lights in surrounding trees to diffuse gentle light for a “moonlight” appearance.
  • Up lighting – create bold effects and strong shadows with lights pointed upwards. Aim these lights upwards towards architectural features or into big trees. This is also great for creating a sense of better security as particularly dark parts of the outdoor area will be effectively lit up as a result.
  • Cross lighting – by placing lights from either side of the space, you can eliminate potential shadows and dark areas.

Areas to light for the best possible effect

  • Pathways – these need to be well lit for security as well as for visibility purposes. Bold lighting is not the only solution. You can place pathway lights at intervals and complement these with the occasional accent light from within the nearby garden beds.
  • Trees – these really are ideal for creating ambiance. You can choose bright white lighting or different colored lights to draw more attention to your property.
  • Water features – you can make your water feature a focal point with upward or cross lighting or you can nestle smaller lights in the feature rocks and design to create a more ambient effect.
  • Driveways – these need to be well light for security and to ensure that your company signage and presence is noticed. Opt for security lighting if you want to save on electricity costs.

The Best Landscape Lighting Designs in Dallas

At Precision Irrigation Systems we offer landscape lighting design services which will help you to show case your Dallas business’ corporate outdoor space, while improving on safety and security too. Whether you wish to light up the entire garden or enjoy accent lighting in beds, on sculptures or in trees and hedges, we can assist.

To learn more about our landscape lighting design services, contact us at Precision Irrigation Systems today.

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