How to ensure your sprinkler and drip irrigation systems aren’t wasting water – and your money

In America, approximately half of all household water is used to water landscapes and gardens. As a result, water is a very precious resource. Not only does everyone need to make a conscious effort to save water, but conserving water can save you a lot of money. Here are some ways to ensure that your sprinkler and drip irrigation systems aren’t wasting your water or money.

Check the positions of your sprinklers

Many people often waste water because their irrigation systems aren’t positioned correctly. You could be wasting water by watering plants that don’t need daily watering. This could be a huge source of water wastage on your water bills.

Turn off your irrigation system during rainy months

If you live in Dallas, then you can check the normal rainfall patterns. Also, we recommend turning off your irrigation system during rainy seasons.

Invest in professional drip irrigation installation

Our professional Drip irrigation in Dallas uses flexible tubing. This means that this system can be installed to provide the right amount of water to various zones of your garden. Professional installers will ensure the emitters are placed at the root zones of each plant, helping to conserve water.

Research different emitters

With a drip irrigation system, you don’t need to choose one-size-fits-all emitters. Different emitters can be used for various trees, shrubs and flowers so that you can downsize the amount of water used where needed.

Check the pressure or your sprinklers

Many sprinkler systems are designed to spray large quantities of water over a short period of time, which means a lot of water can be wasted on run-off and evaporation. Talk to our irrigation system experts to make sure you aren’t spraying too much water into the air.

Invest in native plants

Native plants need less water. Consult a professional gardening company to find out which plants are ideal for the area you live in. Choosing plants which are able to adapt to your climate is a great way to grow a healthy garden and save water.

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