How to adjust your drip irrigation or sprinkler system for different seasons

Knowing how to adjust your sprinkler irrigation system is essential because water is a scarce resource and everyone in Dallas should do their part to save water. Most residential homes use a lot of this resource in order to keep their gardens lush and green. While some irrigation specialists will advise you to adjust your sprinkler system or drip irrigation system each month, committing to adjusting the water supply each season is also sufficient.

Here are some tips to keep your sprinkler irrigation system in tip-top shape and maximize the system’s efficiency:

  • During rainy seasons, reduce the number of days per week that you are watering your garden. If the plants are receiving water from rain, then there’s no use for you to turn on your sprinklers on a daily basis. Not only could this lead to over-watering, but it could also damage your plants and lead to fungi growth.
  • Do a walk-through of your system and look at the water flow onto your plants. You might notice that certain sections are being over watered or under watered. Many systems can be adjusted by hand to spray water more directly onto the plants or adjusted to spray less water when it is not needed.
  • Check your water automation system. While automated water systems can be very convenient, you could be wasting up to 30% of water with an automated irrigation system. Speak to an irrigation specialist each season to help you adjust your system as needed.
  • Consider the plants in your garden. If you want to reduce your water consumption throughout the year, then you can replace water-hungry plants with more drought tolerant plants in your garden.

Saving water and optimizing your  sprinkler irrigation system requires the advice and attention of experts. Contact the pros at Precision Irrigation Systems today.

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