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Why good lawn drainage is essential in your irrigation system to help your landscape flourish

Whilst having good commercial or residential irrigation systems present at your Dallas, Texas, property is beneficial to the garden, having poor lawn drainage can reverse these positive effects. It is essential to have good lawn drainage as part of your irrigation system if you want to save money, have an environmentally friendly garden setup and of course see your garden flourish. A system without a properly designed and implemented drainage system can experience puddles and pools forming and soggy lawn after a rain storm or regular irrigation processes – but that’s not all.

Poor lawn drainage can also result in the following:

  • Valuable and nutrient rich top soil can get carried away.
  • Expensive plants and even landscape designs can become damaged and ruined as soil washes away or water clogs the soil (too much water can be detrimental to the health of many plants).
  • Excess water can find its way to your basement and cause damp issues.

With a good drainage system only excess water will drain away via a system that is designed specifically to cater to your garden and its landscape. This means your plants will receive the correct amount of water which puts them in the best possible position to flourish and grow.

Garden Residential irrigation systems from Precision Irrigation

At Precision Irrigation in Dallas, Texas, we take the time to design garden irrigation systems that are perfectly suited to the demands of your specific garden. Once this is done, we can incorporate a drainage system that is designed for your garden’s specific drainage needs. Whether you are installing a commercial or residential irrigation system, you can expect our team to have the expertise to consider all of the affecting factors before we set about designing a lawn drainage system that is just right for your property.

With the right irrigation system and control, coupled with good lawn drainage, you can watch your garden flourish while saving on your utility bills too. We welcome you to contact us to discuss our various garden irrigation systems and how we can assist you to take the best possible care of your garden.

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