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Four reasons why French drains have become one of the most popular residential irrigation installation services

In February 16, 2015

Quality Residential Irrigation System Installation Services

We are proud to provide professional installation and repair of residential irrigation systems in Dallas, Texas. You may have heard about French drains, which are quickly becoming one of the most popular installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Thousands of people in Dallas spend a lot of time and money maintaining their beautiful gardens and lawns, but if the drainage system doesn’t work properly it can cause damage to the lawn and the foundations of the property. French drain solutions have become popular because:

  1. The pipes in a French drain are able to carry water to a drain-off area. This way the water won’t seep into your lawn or your garden, nor will it have a chance to cause damage to the foundation of your property. Excess water and stagnant water can be a big problem if left untreated.
  2. They’re easy to disguise. No one wants their garden ruined by large, unsightly drainage pipes. French drain pipes can be easily hidden and you’ll barely notice they are there.
  3. They’re cost-effective. If stagnant water ruins your garden or the foundations of your property, it can be costly to fix the damage. French drains are affordable and ensure excess water is carried off to the drain area, meaning it won’t be a hazard to your property.

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