How to fix drainage problems in your yard

In June 13, 2016

Does your landscape have a drainage problem? If you would like to fix lawn drainage problems, we can help! Poor drainage problems in your yard can be corrected with a little time and effort. Water logged landscapes can result in dying grass and plants. One of the common causes of this is that the surrounding plants are not adapted to water logged soils and they often experience root rot. Of course it’s not just plant and lawn death that’s a problem when it comes to poor lawn drainage. Below are a few reasons how lawn drainage problems can negatively impact your life:

  • (not sure what this means, revise?). You won’t be able to make use of the soggy grass area and you will have to wait quite some time for the water logged puddles to dry up.
  • Water trapped on your lawn can seep into your home’s foundations and walls, resulting in mold, cracks and a loss of the structures integrity.
  • If water remains trapped for days, especially during the rainy seasons, you could find that the excess water attracts mosquitoes.

Lawn drainage doesn’t happen immediately. After heavy rainfall or the use of your lawn sprinkler system, water will take some time to be absorbed by the soil and also evaporate. Compacted soil will be far less permeable than well aerated soil. If your lawn and roots are heavily compacted with soils, a hard barrier might be formed that can result in puddles. In some instances you can aerate the soil and lawn to create an environment that allows for better absorption of water.
If your landscape isn’t flat and has areas that are unlevel, chances are that excess water will run down to certain areas. Unfortunately, water often ends up in areas that don’t drain well and the result is a waterlogged lawn. You can fix the drainage problem by installing drains and diverting excess water away from your yard. French drain installations are a popular option for this type of lawn drainage problem.

If you are only experiencing drainage problems after irrigation, check how much water your system is sending to the landscape. Have your irrigation system designed to provide just the right amount of water – a drip irrigation system might be useful.

These are just a few words of advice on how you can improve drainage in your yard. It is always recommended that you work with irrigation and landscaping professionals / experts when trying to fix drainage problems – choose Precision Irrigation to assist you!

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It is important to ensure that your landscape maintenance is kept up to date if you want to avoid overlooking a lawn drainage problem. If you operate an irrigation system, have it checked regularly too.

At Precision Irrigation we are well versed in design, installation, maintenance and repairs of all irrigation systems. We are also experienced in design and installation of French drains to assist with lawn drainage. If you have drainage problems in your yard, we will do a site visit to ascertain the severity of the drainage problem, determine the cause and finally implement a solution to overcome it.

For more information, advice and solutions for fixing your lawn drainage problems turn to Precision Irrigation. Contact us via email or telephone at Precision Irrigation today.

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