What is drip irrigation and how can I use it in my garden?

In July 18, 2016

If there was a way to reduce your water consumption without sacrificing the beautiful results of your garden, chances are good that you would jump at the opportunity. Saving water, water efficiency and growing lush, healthy plants is what a drip irrigation system is all about.

Drip irrigation is the process of delivering water in a slow and steady manner directly to the plant base. This process ensures that you avoid wasting water and money due to over spraying.

With drip irrigation, plants get the precise amount of water they need for beauty and health. Installing a drip irrigation system is an easy and quick process. The system is not only invisible, but it also reduces weed growth and water evaporation.

When to Use Drip Irrigation

You can use a drip irrigation system to efficiently water trees, large shrubs, flower beds, plants on patios, vegetable gardens, roses and other plants that don’t need a lot of water.

Drip irrigation is also very effective in high wind areas because the water is delivered directly to the roots of the plants.

This water irrigation solution is also proving to be a very popular alternative in drought prone and water restricted areas.

Planning and installing a drip irrigation system is easy. There are three main steps involved in the process of installing a drip system.

Installing a Drip Irrigation System

  • Connect to a water source. You can connect to a water source via an outdoor faucet, a sprinkler head or an automatic irrigation valve. Connecting to an outdoor faucet is best for watering small flower beds and pot plants because it’s the quickest and easiest way to connect to a water source. If you already have an underground irrigation system near the area you need to water, you can convert one of your sprinkler heads to a supply source in order to connect this to your drip irrigation system.
  • Distribute the water. Once your water connection is connected, you are ready to distribute the water. This is where you lay out a tubing network to carry the water to the plants. Use ½ inch tubing to connect to the water source and the main arteries. Use ¼ inch tubes for the branch lines that go to the base of the individual plants. You can choose to create a grid pattern with the tubing or you can create a customized pattern according to your garden’s layout.
  • Water the plants. Now that water is connected, simply turn on the water supply as needed.

While this process may seem fairly straightforward, it’s always easier to hire the pros for the job. Precision Irrigation Systems has been installing numerous drip irrigation solutions across north Texas. The team is experienced in making sure the system is up and running within the shortest amount of time.

Contact us today for more information about installing drip irrigation systems in Dallas. You’ll also get a free estimate!

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