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How Deep Should Sprinkler Pipes Be Buried?

In November 17, 2016

Aaah! The bliss of watching your garden or landscape being watered while you sit back and relax. This is one of the most popular reasons why efficient water irrigation systems are installed around homes and businesses across Texas. But did you know that you are not only saving yourself the effort of the watering chore, you are saving water too? Because as much as 50% of water is wasted on run-off. An automated lawn sprinkler system with leading sprinkler pipes can diminish this amount of wasted water while providing optimal and balanced watering across your landscape. Talk about win-win, right?

Avoid disaster

What is the opposite of relaxing, however, is the stress of driving a fork into your sprinkler pipes and the water fountain that ensues. This is a common landscape or gardening mishap, and is one of the reasons why underground sprinkler system pipes need to be buried sufficiently deeply. Another reason they need to be installed at the correct depth is to prevent water in them from freezing and then bursting the pipes.

Correct depth

Locate and mark any utility lines below the landscape surface before setting up your underground sprinkler system piping. Most residential subterranean sprinklers are fitted six inches underground. It is a good rule of thumb, however, to allow an extra four inches for both wiring and planting. This way, your happy, watered plants have ample room to flourish, and sprinkler irrigation pipe alterations are possible in the future.

Expert solutions

To ensure that your sprinkler system unobtrusively keeps your plants adequately watered – be it during the week, over the weekend, or while you are away on vacation it is a good idea to get the help of  sprinkler and irrigation installation professionals. Precision Irrigation Systems offers design and installation of sprinkler, drainage and pipe systems of superior quality and at a fair price. Serving residential and commercial landscape owners in and around Dallas. We provide a written guarantee against defects in material and installation for a period of three years and a free estimate. For an economical, effective, and lasting landscape irrigation solution, contact our North Texas irrigation team today by phone or form.

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