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Heavy Flooding in North Texas

Recently, heavy rain and flooding have been affecting North Texas landscapes and foundations. Due to all the Dallas flooding in 2017, many landscapes and foundations have been damaged by an overflow of standing water.

Consider protecting your property for the next batch of heavy rain with the right drainage solution in place. Installing an effective water drainage system before the next heavy Texas rain forecast is critical to protecting your landscape and foundation from severe, expensive property damage.

Protecting Your Property from Dallas Flooding

When it comes to flooding problems, the landscape surrounding your house can be just as important as the building structure itself. For example, yard sloping, elevation differences, lawn health, mulch and dirt usage, and the types of plants present all affect where water flows and soaks.

Flood Control Information Can Help

Curious about the current status of rainfall and flooding in Texas? Check out the official Dallas flood control page for flood forecasts and real-time rainfall and weather information.

How to Prevent Floods in Your Landscape & Basement

Consider the following tips to prevent landscape damage from Dallas flooding:

  1. Detect where rainwater first approaches and collects on your property. These water flows can then be diverted properly to safe drainage zones through a French drain system.
  2. Draw a drainage plan by sketching out your property. Use a level to determine high and low landscape elevation spots.
  3. Plan where you want to direct water flows for drainage. This might be a nearby ditch, trench, well, stream or combination of drain zones. Be sure to keep Dallas city regulations in mind.
  4. Extend downspouts over landscaping that’s been done near your house foundation.
  5. Install a drainage system yourself or with professional help based on collected property data.
  6. Drainage solutions can include a combination of French drains, underground drain pipes, a dry well, creek beds, and rain gardens to divert and/or soak up excess water.

Prevent Flooding Damage with Optimal Drainage

One or a combination of water drainage systems may be required for optimal flooding prevention and water drainage, depending on the size and complexity of your landscape.

Have any questions regarding water drainage solutions for your landscape in Dallas? Give Precision Irrigation Systems a call at (469) 534-1100 or a contact form message to see if we can help!


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