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Can your sprinkler irrigation system help you save water?

If you haven’t already installed a sprinkler irrigation system, we encourage you to do so as this is undoubtedly the most efficient way to manage your consumption and eventually save you some extra cash by reducing your bill too.

Approximately 40% to 60% of a home’s water consumption is used outdoors. As water has become a scarce resource, water supply is becoming increasingly taxed. If you live in Dallas (Texas) and its surroundings, you know the area is prone to periods of drought. Whilst we understand you want to have a beautiful green and flourished garden, it is important to care about the environment and check out your water consumption.

Amongst the most common irrigation systems, you will find the sprinkler irrigation system which is designed to water large areas. This system not only increases the value of your property but more importantly it allows the saving of water. As much as 50% of water is wasted on run-off – an automated sprinkler system can reduce this amount.

If you own a garden which needs to be watered with specific amounts of water, then a drip irrigation system will work perfectly for you. The main advantage of this type of system is that less water is wasted on runoff or evaporation due to the fact the irrigation lines deliver water to the plants slowly. This system uses between 30 to 50% less water than conventional watering methods.

At Precision Irrigation Systems, we have over 25 years experience designing and installing irrigation systems. We also offer solutions for commercial lettings, such as lawn drainage and irrigation repair services.

Save water, money and time and contact our team of experts today for further advice.

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