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Benefits of an energy efficient landscape lighting system installation for your home

In April 4, 2016

Landscape lighting is one of the best investments for your home. Not only does it create a certain desired ambiance, but it makes your property safer for you, your family, guests or employees.
Energy efficient landscape lighting is becoming increasing popular for a number of reasons. Here are the top benefits of energy efficient landscape lighting:

Lower your electricity bill

You will be able to significantly lower your electricity bill with energy efficient landscape lighting. In some instances, these lights can be up to 90% more energy efficient than traditional lighting, which can make a huge impact on the amount of disposable income that you have left at the end of the month.

More sustainable

Many people have become more aware of the effects of global warming on the environment. If you want to do your part to ensure a greener, more sustainable world, then investing in energy efficient lighting is definitely a step in the right direction. These lights have a lower carbon footprint, which will lower the carbon footprint of your property.

Fewer replacements and less maintenance

Energy efficient light bulbs last much longer than traditional light bulbs. Many research reports have proven that energy efficient lighting, when compared to traditional halogen light bulbs, have a much longer lifecycle. You can look forward to fewer repairs and replacements when you invest in energy efficient landscape lighting in Dallas.

Fewer bugs

Traditional light bulbs emit UV lights, which draws bugs and critters to your lights. If you want to reduce the number of insects in your garden, then energy efficient light bulbs are the way to go.

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